TATOO 4 – test bench reporting tool

(in cooperation with ZF Friedrichshafen AG)

Automated long-term storage and visualisation of measurement results

Thousands of values can be measured during the standard product check on a test bench. Many such measurements are performed each day. If you’d like to conduct analyses here, gathering the necessary data is often a laborious process.

TATOO 4 delivers this quite simply via a standardised prepared interface! All the arising measurements are stored in a sorted fashion and can be displayed in a scatter plot (see the graphic below).

We store 210,000 test runs per day with a thousand characteristics per run in a current system. The results can also be exported in CSV format, for example, or to other programs for further processing.

Data storage

  • Data is stored in an automated and structured way.
  • Two-part system: measured values are stored in a database; associated data like test protocols or raw data can be stored on a file storage system.
  • Very high flexibility in terms of the type of storage, making it adaptable to all industries.
  • Central data management enables comparisons and analyses of any tests.

TATOO 4 interface

  • Test results are visualised as a scatter plot.
  • Filter-based measurement results search.
  • The measurement results display can be edited and optimised, e.g. by deleting outliers or colour-coding individual values.
  • Direct access to test protocols and other files belonging to a test.
  • Measurement results can be exported in CSV format or to other tools.

Quality assurance

TATOO 4 is suitable for all companies that use test benches for their products’ quality assurance.

It’s all the same to the system what’s being measured and when something’s being measured, because TATOO is set up so that any type of measurement result can be stored.

This makes carrying out comparisons and conducting analyses an absolute breeze.

A joint product created by ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Meta-Level Software AG

The TATOO 4 software is the result of a project that ZF Friedrichshafen AG implemented and is continuously further developing together with Meta-Level Software AG. The software is marketed by both partners.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.