Innovative web portal for CTC advanced GmbH’s certification management activities

CTC advanced GmbH, formerly known as CETECOM ICT Services, takes care of a variety of things, including the approvals of the responsible regulatory authorities so that its customers’ relevant electronic products receive the necessary approvals in the markets in question (national / international). This specifically involves certifications, conformity assessments and other approval services that CTC advanced provides directly.

Innovative web portal for certification management Meta-Level was tasked with developing a portal that simplifies the project flow of these certification processes and makes it transparent for all the parties involved. The software is based on Meta-Level’s own portal framework and was specifically tailored to individual requirements in close cooperation with CTC advanced. The portal coordinates the handling of customer projects within a predefined workflow and assigns all the necessary documents and information to the relevant project steps. This creates a data hub that provides up-to-date, binding and transparent access for all authorised parties at all times.


  • Recording the requirements
  • Conceptual design
  • System architecture
  • Implementation
  • Operation
  • Support

Expertise and technologies

  • Meta-Level portal framework
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL