Internet platform for ordering professional translations

The web portal run by Leginda GmbH, an innovative service provider, allows customers to order professional translations in more than 40 languages and over 1,600 language combinations around the clock at a fixed price. The assignments are carried out by a network of affiliated translators located all over the world. Leginda selects the best translator for the customer based on the language combination or specialisation, and takes care of communication and controlling too. The client is notified by email as soon as the translation is available, and they can collect the text and invoice through the portal. The company is enjoying strong growth and has to contend with the ever-increasing volume of orders, all the while maintaining the highest quality.

On the hunt for an internet platform for ordering professional translations The customer needed a suitable platform that could meet these requirements. Since there wasn’t a suitable standard solution available on the market, after a careful selection process Leginda ultimately chose Meta-Level, which won the customer over with its many years of experience in developing customised software systems. The deciding factor was the ‘construction kit’ for workflow systems that Meta-Level offered, which already provided many basic functionalities.

Following a few weeks of development and testing, the portal went live in April 2009. Since then, several additions (like express deliveries or the integration of a document management system) have been implemented and put into operation to meet the needs of the growing business. Leginda now handles several hundred translations per month – and order numbers are only going one way: up.


  • Reducing the administrative burden by up to 90%
  • Integrating an online price calculator with a fixed price quotation for the most favourable translation prices
  • Ensuring extremely easy handling – intuitive user guidance
  • Providing insights into the order’s individual processing stages
  • Exchanging data over secure connections
  • Round-the-clock operation, 365 days a year
  • Ensuring that the translations can be retrieved on request, at any time and several times free of charge
  • Providing a selection of more than 40 languages or 1,600 language combinations
  • Meeting high security requirements
  • Meeting the need for a cost-efficient and quick-to-implement solution
  • Making the solution scalable to accommodate expected company growth
  • Integrating CAT tools

Expertise and technologies

  • ‘Construction kit’ for workflow systems with basic functions
  • PHP, Java
  • Interface to the CAT tool Trados
  • PostgreSQL