Juchem – optimising purchasing and sales

The Juchem Group is one of the leading technology companies in Europe operating in the grain, fat and egg processing sector. At seven sites in the Saarland, around 300 employees produce high-quality basic materials (such as flour, rolled oats, fat powder and egg products) for well-known brand-name companies operating in the food industry.

Fresh and hygienically perfect eggs are required to produce pasteurised liquid egg. Juchem was on the hunt for a permanent solution to optimise purchasing of these raw materials and the sale of egg products: a database-based software that integrates into the systems used at Juchem (e.g. ERP system), provides the information on a long-term basis and also makes it usable for evaluations in controlling.

Juchem – optimising purchasing and sales Meta-Level first analysed the existing processes and looked for optimisation opportunities together with Juchem’s managers. The optimised workflow was implemented in a web portal that has been used at Juchem since 2009.

During an internal study conducted over the course of several months, the new solution was intensively tested, verified and further refined – the optimisations were taking effect, and Purchasing and Sales could work far more effectively.


  • Conducting a vulnerability analysis of the existing ‘Purchasing and Sales in liquid egg production’ workflow
  • Developing a web portal for workflow optimisation purposes
  • Incorporating master data for recipes, raw materials, articles, customers and suppliers
  • Recording incoming and outgoing goods
  • Preparing quotations
  • Warehouse management (batch reduction)
  • Preparing statistical evaluations
  • Verifying and refining the new process

Expertise and technologies

  • Meta-Level’s own ‘construction kit’ for workflow systems
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Interface to the ERP system
  • PostgreSQL