Digitalisation of industry

The future of industry is digital

The benefits of implementing an Industry 4.0 project with Meta-Level

As a project for the future in the German Federal Government’s high-tech strategy, Industry 4.0 is much more than just a catchphrase. The global goal of expanding computerisation, especially in manufacturing technology, has immense potential, so there’s lots for all the advocates to do.

To begin with, companies are keen to improve their production processes so they can cut costs. The end result is what is known as the ‘Smart Factory’, which links all the production data in a resource-efficient manner to make it interpretable and optimisable.

Big data

Data analysis to identify structures and patterns, mastering lots of data with various big data technologies.

Graphically processing the results using appropriate tools helps with understanding and interpreting them better.

Predictive analytics and maintenance

Data evaluation to forecast future developments in production, quality, etc.

This enables more precise scheduling of maintenance work, for example, so that maintenance is carried out neither too early nor too late (predictive maintenance), or other trends can be identified (predictive analytics).

Smart services

The journey to the Smart Factory: digitalisation of production processes, transfer, processing, analysis and visualisation of data from production (measured values, key figures, quality data, etc.).

Scanner solutions

Controlling production processes: by reading out codes, contextual information concerning the status of the production process, the object’s configuration or many other parameters can be collected and made available in the downstream systems.

Revision of legacy systems

Migration of applications (legacy systems) based on outdated technologies (e.g. Assembler) to modern, promising technologies.

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