Geographical data management

Developing geographical information and management systems

Developing GISs

Geographical information systems (GISs) – i.e. applications where geographical data is collected, analysed, evaluated and visualised – are used in the likes of the energy supply sector, agriculture and forestry, not to mention in urban planning or the logistics sector.

Meta-Level Software AG has many years of experience in developing GIS applications that are used in the likes of the agricultural aid sector.

The EU requires its member states to digitalise the application process for agricultural subsidies. One of the aims is to give farmers the opportunity to draw and specify the land they farm on electronic maps overlaid with aerial photographs using a mouse.

The technology we use is based on uDig, a free tool that is also used by the Canadian Forestry Service, to name but one example.

We handle

  • Comprehensive consulting
  • Software provisioning
  • System provisioning
  • Programming
  • Assistance with IT administration

Your advantages

  • We have been working in GIS projects since 2004 as well as for the German federal states of Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate.
  • Comprehensive consulting before the implementation of the project
  • Accompanying supervision and support during and after the project phase
  • Security standards according to BSI specifications
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