Software development

Consulting, development and coaching in IT

Software development: our passion

In its 40 years of existence, Meta-Level Software AG has built up comprehensive specialist and technological expertise through a multitude of successfully completed customer projects in the field of software development.

Our focus

  • Advising our customers on mapping their technical requirements in the planned software system
  • Recommending an IT design or architecture
  • Developing concepts and functional specifications
  • Implementing projects, particularly programming and project coordination
  • Ensuring quality assurance and IT security

How we work

  • Comprehensive consulting: we take your perspective and look at things from your point of view.
  • We ensure the availability, not to mention the integrity and consistency of data and systems, all the while relying on agile software development.
  • We work transparently and closely with the customer at all stages of software development.
  • We develop solutions together with the customer.

Project implementation and support

We quickly familiarise ourselves with our customers’ technical requirements. This is the prerequisite for understanding clients’ objectives and taking effective action.

On the one hand, Meta-Level takes on complete projects – if necessary from defining requirements, creating concepts, designing IT and implementation (data modelling, programming), to delivering and running the resulting applications.

It is also possible to temporarily provide our reinforcements for the client’s internal team in the form of our experienced employees who actively collaborate on the one hand, and coach the client’s employees and share key knowledge on the other.

Data management and evaluation

A good data basis is a key component of sustainable decision-making for all companies.

Our well-founded database know-how, coupled with our extensive experience in evaluating and visualising content (business intelligence), provides an ideal basis for programming appropriate software and providing corresponding systems, especially when it comes to containing ‘uncontrolled Excel growth’ and introducing standardised evaluation and analysis procedures.

Big data and business analytics

Everyone is talking about big data nowadays. Meta-Level has extensive know-how of common big data technologies and puts it to successful use.

We carefully examine and evaluate on a case-by-case basis whether this approach is the right choice for a company. The costs arising from the necessary infrastructure are to be assessed and should be compensated for by a corresponding positive cost effect.

This also applies to forecasting methods, which can be used to predict future trends and developments to support decisions. Depending on the subject area, these calculations can be carried out both in the big data environment and in the classic way with relational databases.

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